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What is trending today in carpet flooring?

Carpet flooring could be what you need for specific rooms of your home. It's a perfect choice for any decor match, offering impressive visuals.

But it can also be an excellent addition for durability, depending on your chosen options. And the more you know about what's available, the better choices you can select.

Stain resistance is a trend

Every homeowner that chooses carpet wants the best stain protection available. And this is one of this year's hottest trends.

Many brands are building this protection into the fibers themselves for outstanding protection. A stain-resistant carpet installation could be your best choice if you have pets or children.

Color trends are important

Specific decor schemes demand certain colors, and plenty is trending this year. Blue and gray offer neutral tones and hues that don't overwhelm the interior.

Adventurous choices like bold design and multi-color options are popular. But don't forget about animal, floral, geometric prints, and other options.

You'll hear a lot about texture trends

Texture can change an entire room, so these trends are worth your attention. They can change the look and the feel for impressive results.

Take a closer look at this year's popular carpet flooring picks like plush, frieze, ribbed, and cut & loop. They could serve you right at your point of need.

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