Tile flooring or luxury vinyl: Which serves you best?

Tile flooring or luxury vinyl: Which serves you best?

If you’re trying to decide whether tile flooring or luxury vinyl flooring is best for your household, starting with a list of your preferences and requirements is best. This situation is a personal choice, so what works for one homeowner may not work as well in your house.

How do you choose a floor covering?

There are several essential elements to flooring choices that are the same for every homeowner, including visual appeal, durability, and lifespan. The more durable the flooring, the longer it lasts, so if your home is busy and active, you'll want always to choose the more durable option.

Tile in Wattsburg, PA, is an excellent choice for the most extended lifespan, lasting up to 50 years, and sometimes longer, with professional installation and regular care. Luxury vinyl also offers extraordinary durability but usually only lasts about 20 years under the same circumstances.

Both options offer beautiful visual appeal, with tile flooring providing endless possibilities for combining shape, size, color, design, texture, style, and installation layout. Luxury vinyl comes in tile and plank form, with some variations in size, and offers options that mimic natural wood, stone, and porcelain tile.

Choose our tile store for your flooring needs

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