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Revolutionize your home with hardwood flooring trends

Hardwood flooring has always been one of the most sought-after flooring materials. It’s durable, long-lasting, and offers timeless visuals.

Trends in wood flooring help keep your décor current. And we’re going to tell you more about it in today’s post.

Hardwood size trends

Wider boards are more popular now with hardwood flooring than ever before. Widths can range up to 20 inches, with boards as long as 12 feet in larger spaces.

The longer boards offset the choppiness of the extra width. In large rooms, it creates a beautiful ambiance.

Finish trends

A high gloss finish is not as appealing as it once was. Instead, homeowners prefer a low sheen, especially when texturizing the finish.

Natural and hard-wax oils are also trending, creating untextured surfaces that lack shine. However, the look appeals to many homeowners.

Color trends

The hardwood flooring color trend is shifting from grays to light colors with white undertones. The beachy, whitewashed look is perfect for many spaces.

Dark colors are still trending as well. Many designers look for a trend shift toward darker colors with a walnut undertone.

Installation facts

No matter which trending wood floors you choose, the installation process is the same. Acclimation is the first step.

If you have questions about your installation, be sure to speak with an associate. We have answers to all your questions.

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