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Is luxury vinyl flooring a good option for homes with dogs?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice if you have dogs in your home. They offer durability that includes resistance to all forms of daily wear.

There are plenty of reasons to choose these floors as a pet owner. Here are a few facts that could help you make the best decision for your remodel.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers plenty of durability

With pets in the home, you'll need plenty of usable durability, and you'll find it here. A protective topcoat means you'll see fewer scratches, scuffs, stains, and dents.

There are 100% waterproof flooring options, so you never have to worry about dampness, spills, or accidents. With no water damage, you can expect these floors to last for years with no problem.

With professional installation, luxury vinyl flooring should last more than 20 years. Regular care and maintenance also help, as do rugs, mats, and runners in busy areas.

You don't have to sacrifice visual appeal with these floors in place

Some homeowners think you have to sacrifice good looks for the best durability. But that's not the case with these floors.

You'll find luxury vinyl flooring that mimics natural wood, stone, and tile, with authentic colors and textures. It's easy to match any decor style with these floors in place.

Decorative and artistic options are also available for different visual needs. So, share your dreams for the best decor match, and we'll help make them come true.

Our showroom has all the flooring you need

At Wright's Carpet, we offer materials and services that cater to any design need. Please speak with our associates who add their experience to your remodel of any size.

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