Important flooring questions: Repair or replace?

Important flooring questions: Repair or replace?

If your new floors aren't so new anymore, you may notice a lot of wear or damage over the years. For lots of flooring materials, this could mean definite replacement.

But does that mean replacement is necessary every time your flooring looks worn? Here are some facts to help you know which path to take for your floors.

Repairing floors for extra life

Some materials are more affordable to repair than to replace because it adds to the lifespan of the flooring. For example, with hardwood floors, we can fix the surface and subfloor in various ways, making them look like new floors again.

Repairs work well in cases of water or fire damage, deep gouges, and severely worn finishes, renewing the appearance of the floors. Sanding, staining, and finishing make it look like you've installed brand-new flooring.

When replacement is necessary

Some materials, such as laminate and carpet, require replacement when the wear or damage is widespread. We'll thoroughly assess the situation to ensure you aren't replacing floors that could be repaired.

When replacement is necessary, we'll also check your subflooring to ensure it's in good shape. Then our flooring company professionals can proceed with you to choose a fantastic floor covering with all the added extras you need.

Our showroom has products and answers

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