Large format tile in a Wattsburg, PA home from  Wright’s Carpet

Does tile flooring make a room cold?

We see the question all the time from homeowners searching for a fabulous tile in Wattsburg, PA. Does tile make the room colder?

The truth is that tile creates no temperatures of its own for hot or cold results. But they tend to hold onto the temperature produced in the home, with results that match.

The best flooring for radiant heat

If you have radiant or underfloor heating, you should know that these products are perfect for pairing with them. Tile construction means that it absorbs and distributes the heat underneath to every corner of the room.

Radiant heating means walking on tile flooring even on an ice-cold winter morning and getting a warm experience. Adding a few area rugs can make the space even more comfortable, perfect in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Tile offers many benefits

Aside from temperature control, tile is also an excellent choice if you need a long lifespan. With professional installation, these floors can last over 50 years.

They're also easy to clean and harbor no mold, mildew, or bacteria, even in damp spaces. That means it's a cleaner, healthier surface perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you want to know even more about tile flooring and its benefits, take the time to speak with a flooring professional while you're here. We have the answers you need.

Our flooring store is your tile headquarters

At Wright’s Carpet, we understand your need for a perfect remodeling experience and the products that make it work. But we also come alongside you with years of experience and a reputation for the best customer care.

When ready for the best flooring and services, please stop by our tile store in Wattsburg, PA. We look forward to helping you as we’ve helped residents from Wattsburg, Lowville, Arbuckle, Union City, Little Hope, and Erie, PA