Luxury vinyl flooring in Wattsburg, PA from Wright's Carpet

Does luxury vinyl flooring mimic natural materials?

Luxury vinyl flooring
is one of the best ways to achieve an all-natural look in every room. These options give you immense possibilities for decor and interior design.

You'll have tons of colors, textures, and formats to choose from, with something for every design. And you'll find it easier to choose a favorite with a few key facts in hand.

The most beautiful visuals

Hardwood, natural stone, and porcelain tile are some of the most sought-after floors. The results are impressive when a product can mimic that look, as LVP and LVT flooring can.

But these floors also mimic the graining, veining, and feel of the real thing. And that gives you plenty of opportunity for perfect decor matching.

Is it real or...?

With a professional installation and regular maintenance, your floors will look natural. Your guests may not even know they're not walking on the real thing.

Be sure to ask about all the minute features that cater to this realism so you can see for yourself. It may surprise you how manufacturers do this with luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring.

Caring for your natural look flooring

To keep your luxury vinyl flooring looking new for up to 20 years, clean them regularly. Don't use abrasive cleaners, tools, or steaming.

For added protection, consider area rugs and runners. And be sure to contact us for messes you're unsure of.

Find your luxury vinyl flooring today

At Wright's Carpet, you'll find a wide selection of materials and services. We cater to your need and preference for a successful luxury vinyl flooring experience.

Our service areas include Wattsburg, Lowville, Arbuckle, Union City, Little Hope, and Erie, PA. We want to earn your business as well.

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