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Does all tile work for flooring?

Tile flooring
is an outstanding choice for your home, with many benefits. But are all tiles acceptable for flooring use?

The short answer is no because floor tile needs to provide extensive durability. However, some facts could help you better choose your flooring pieces.

All tiles are not created equally

Floor tile is only one of the types used in the remodeling industry. Wall tile is also available and features different characteristics than floor tile.

Wall tiles are thinner than tile flooring and less durable since they aren't walked on. Therefore, they are best used for a backsplash, wall accents, and other tasks that do not see traffic.

Specific floor tile specs

When you choose a tile for your flooring, you'll want to ensure they're rated for at least residential use. These tiles offer different levels of protection, with higher ratings for commercial placement.

The higher the rating, the more traffic it can handle throughout its lifespan. And the more durable a floor covering, the longer its lifespan.

Installation and lifespan

Porcelain and ceramic tile products can last over 50 years with professional installation. And the installation is best left to professional installers.

The task takes excellent precision and experience as pieces are cut and placed. And we'll give you all the details about your installation when you pick a tile flooring.

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