Consider these carpet options for your staircases

Consider these carpet options for your staircases

When you need carpet in Wattsburg, PA, for your staircase, we understand you have questions and want to ensure you have the answers you need. This space requires beauty, durability, and performance, and here are some options that could work in your home.

Important staircase carpet facts

Each homeowner has a specific set of requirements for their staircases, so each one will require a particular type of flooring. For example, in homes with low traffic, you can focus on visual appeal and décor matching for your stairs.

But if your home is busy, especially with children, pets, or both, your carpet installation must withstand frequent wear, stains, and odors. You'll find that some products offer built-in stain and odor protection and pet-specific warranties for your best results.

A short, dense pile usually works best for stairs because it offers safety and is easier to clean. But if you prefer the highest level of protection, ask about built-in protection that will serve you for up to 20 years.

If you have questions about these materials or want to see them in person, visit our carpet store and speak with a flooring specialist today. We're ready to work alongside you when you show up at our showroom.

Carpet for every need

Wright's Carpet is proud to offer a wide range of materials and services to cater to flooring needs, especially for specialty spaces requiring more time. When you share your vision and requirements for any room, we'll work to cater to them to ensure your most successful results.

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